Village of the Dominant Ones

When Jackson is given a large settlement from his firm, he decides it’s time to follow his dream. To start a small community of like minded individuals in the middle of the Montana wilderness. There, the men will rule and will except nothing less than complete obedience from their wives. Jackson whisked me up in his arms, wanting to carry me over the threshold into our awesome new home. The cabin was lovely, but primitive. An old fashioned wood stove for heat and cooking, and no indoor plumbing, made me a bit nervous, but I would learn to appreciate the simpler life. “Grab a dish towel, and start wiping everything down, while I start unpacking the car.” Jackson instructed me.
In short,if you enjoy fast pasted, witty and very intelligent reads, Village of the Dominant Ones is for you!!
Village of the Dominant Ones By Angela Rose
I highly recommend Village of the Dominant Ones. All in a good book not regretting having read it.

The Politics of Revenge Fascism and the Military in 20th century

The Politics of Revenge Fascism and the Military in 20th century By Paul Preston
The role of the Spanish Right in the course of the twentieth-century has been a neglected area of academic study. The Politics of Revenge redresses this providing a succinct and disturbing account.
The Politics of Revenge Fascism and the Military in 20th century was a fast read for me . I couldn’t put it down. It had me laughing and crying. Definitely worth the money and time Great read
It’s hard to disagree with reviewers who call this the best novel of years. I finished it a couple of days ago and still can’t stop thinking about it.

Pretending it s Daytime

Pretending it s Daytime By Louisa P.
A college student’s one week gig as a live-in sitter for two wealthy kids proves more than challenging. Published in Side Show, 1996.
This collection of short stories has been an absolute pleasure to read. But still, plenty to sink your teeth into in this wonderful Pretending it s Daytime
Pretending it s Daytime was very good I liked it and I would definitely read it again. It was one of the best books I’ve ever read!! 🙂


Boss By George Sherman Hudson
Enter Victoria’s world, a world filled with greed, money, deceit and murder from the streets of Atlanta all the way to San Juan, Puerto Rico. With her right-hand man G, she’s cheating death while orchestrating her own death mission. She removes the thorn in her side, with help from Sky and Mink, but didn’t realize that it would come back again twofold. Now she’s caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse. With orders being sent from different bosses, death is imminent but at the end it will only be one Boss left standing and that Boss will ultimately lead you into a whole new world…White World.
I have been very critical of many Boss I have read this summer. I cannot say the same about this book. It captured my interest from the start and has continued to captivate me. I am not quite done with the book, but will be soon. I do not think the ending will be a disappointment because the entire book is so good.
I loved Boss. Very moving story. Highly recommend this book to everyone. Written very well to read.

Plus One

Lydia's looking for a job not a lover, but after her interview at Saint Joseph's University, she ends up with both. There's a need for discretion despite her bright pink hair and Doctor Spencer Flynn's candy apple red Mustang; after all, she's an admin assistant now, he's a lecturer in applied mathematics and they work together. So they conduct their liaisons behind closed doors which is all right with Lydia; she's never experienced chemistry like it.‘Discreet’ soon begins to look a lot like ‘secretive’ and a last-minute cancellation of a date prompts Lydia to rethink her role in the relationship. Braced for a break-up, she's amazed when Spencer confesses the secret he's been keeping all along. His loyalties are divided and when Lydia's attempts to hold on to his attention backfire publicly, she wonders if playing house with a mathematician is a zero-sum game… 
Although I would not rate Plus One as one of my favorite’s it was very well written…interesting.
Plus One By Scarlett Parrish
I went into Plus One But when I got far enough in the first episode, I found out it wasn’t. Currently, only the first episode is out and it left on a cliffhanger! I am addicted to it! I highly recommend it! Hope you like it!

Fragmenting Societies A Comparative Analysis of Regional and Urban

Fragmenting Societies A Comparative Analysis of Regional and Urban By David C. Thorns
There is no description available.
I bought this for my grandson, but when I got to readidng the samples pages, I GOT HOOKED on Fragmenting Societies A Comparative Analysis of Regional and Urban.
It’s hard to disagree with reviewers who call this the best novel of years. I finished it a couple of days ago and still can’t stop thinking about it.

Japanland A Year in Search of Wa

Japanland A Year in Search of Wa By Karin Muller
Looking to gain a competitive edge in her judo practice and maybe a fresh perspective on “meaning” in her own life, documentary filmmaker Karin Muller commits to living in Japan for a year to deepen her appreciation for such Eastern ideals as ritual and tradition. What she’s aftermore than understanding tea-serving etiquette or the historical importance of the shogunis wa: a transcendent state of harmony, of flow, of being in the zone. With only her Western perspective to guide her, though, she discovers in sometimes awkward, sometimes awesomely funny interactions just how maddeningly complicated it is being Japanese.Beginning with a strict code of conduct enforced by her impeccably proper host mother, Muller is initiated in the centuries-old customs that direct everyday interactions and underlie the principles of the sumo, the geisha, Buddhist monks, and now, in the 21st century, the workaholic, career-track salaryman. At the same time, she observes the relatively decadent behavior of the fast-living youth generation, the so-called New Human Beings, who threaten to ignore the old ways altogether.Broad in scope, intimate in relationships, and deftly observed by an author with a rich visual sense of people and place, Japanland is as beguiling as this colorful country of contradictions.
Immediately upon finishing, I reread the prolog and final chapter…and will read Japanland A Year in Search of Wa again.
Japanland A Year in Search of Wa without overdoing it. The detail was great without dragging down the story. I bought it because of the awards it won and I was not disappointed.

The World Masters

The World Masters By George Chetwynd Griffith
High above the night-shrouded street, whose silence was only broken by the occasional tramp of the military patrol or the gruff challenges of the sentries on the fortifications, a man was walking, with jerky, uneven strides, up and down a vast attic in an ancient house overlooking the old Fisher’s Gate, close by where the River Ill leaves the famous city of Strassburg. The room, practically destitute of ordinary furniture, was fitted up as a chemical and physical laboratory, and the man was Doctor Emil Fargeau, the most distinguished scientific investigator that the lost province of Alsace had produced–a tall, spare man of about sixty, with sloping, stooping shoulders and forward-thrown head, thinly covered with straggling iron-grey hair.
The World Masters was inspiring to be and it is one of the classics! A must read.
This was a great read. It was my first Mystery as recommended Choice. I’d suggest it to others too.

Decimal Addition and Subtraction Practice Book 2 Grade 5

Practice adding and subtracting decimal numbers with this second book. Select one of twenty math problems with complete solutions that educate the student in decimal numbers. The book also includes four bonus word problems with complete explanations and answers. Easily navigate the links from the problem list to view the solution with answer, and then return to the practice problems to select another. Problems start with low difficulty and gradually increase to challenging. Most appropriate for 5th grade students.
I absolutely love Decimal Addition and Subtraction Practice Book 2 Grade 5. All of this book, I have read this book twice, and have recommended it to all of my friends and family. Such an amazing book, please read it!!
Decimal Addition and Subtraction Practice Book 2 Grade 5 By Ned Tarrington
It was an easy Decimal Addition and Subtraction Practice Book 2 Grade 5 to read kinda knew what was going to happen next. Liked the story and the finish

The Complete Guide to Check Collecting

The Complete Guide to Check Collecting By Michael Reynard
The Complete Guide to Check Collecting is a comprehensive, illustrated resource for collectors of bank checks, autographs, revenue stamps, and paper ephemera. Author Michael Reynard makes it clear why check collecting has been increasing in popularity over the last decade, as financial transactions become more digital and check writing becomes less common. Reynard explains the history of how checks came to be used and accepted as financial instruments, reviews the types of checks and what makes them collectible and valuable, shares tips on buying, selling, storing and displaying collections, and provides resources for novice and experienced collectors alike.
The Complete Guide to Check Collecting is very well, and whether you are new to the series or not I believe you would enjoy this book.
happiness, apprehension and love. Enjoy, you won’t be able to put it down.