Boss By George Sherman Hudson
Enter Victoria’s world, a world filled with greed, money, deceit and murder from the streets of Atlanta all the way to San Juan, Puerto Rico. With her right-hand man G, she’s cheating death while orchestrating her own death mission. She removes the thorn in her side, with help from Sky and Mink, but didn’t realize that it would come back again twofold. Now she’s caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse. With orders being sent from different bosses, death is imminent but at the end it will only be one Boss left standing and that Boss will ultimately lead you into a whole new world…White World.
I have been very critical of many Boss I have read this summer. I cannot say the same about this book. It captured my interest from the start and has continued to captivate me. I am not quite done with the book, but will be soon. I do not think the ending will be a disappointment because the entire book is so good.
I loved Boss. Very moving story. Highly recommend this book to everyone. Written very well to read.