When Jackson is given a large settlement from his firm, he decides it’s time to follow his dream. To start a small community of like minded individuals in the middle of the Montana wilderness. There, the men will rule and will except nothing less than complete obedience from their wives. Jackson whisked me up in his arms, wanting to carry me over the threshold into our awesome new home. The cabin was lovely, but primitive. An old fashioned wood stove for heat and cooking, and no indoor plumbing, made me a bit nervous, but I would learn to appreciate the simpler life. “Grab a dish towel, and start wiping everything down, while I start unpacking the car.” Jackson instructed me.
In short,if you enjoy fast pasted, witty and very intelligent reads, Village of the Dominant Ones is for you!!
Village of the Dominant Ones By Angela Rose
I highly recommend Village of the Dominant Ones. All in a good book not regretting having read it.